Good grooming provides more than just a clean shiny coat.  As our name states, we focus on not only veterinary medicine but also the complete wellness of your pet.

An important part of overall health is cleanliness.  Having your pet’s nails trimmed regularly prevents cracked nails, as well as, ingrown or infected claws.  Cleaning the ears helps to prevent infections.  We also get to do a thorough exam of your pet’s entire body and pick up on any abnormalities like skin growths and lumps.  Grooming your pet will help combat skin infections, such as hot spots and detect other irritants like insect bites, allergies, and matted hair which can all lead to your pet being uncomfortable.

As you now know, we believe that baths and grooms on a regular six to eight-week basis provide many health benefits.  A complete groom will not only help your pet look their best, but feel great as well!

Cynthia, our lead groomer, comes to us with many years of experience (bio under staff members). Mary is our newest member of the team and has been working closely with Cynthia.

Our hours are from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday for grooming.  Saturday appointments can be accommodated with advance notice.  Please call us at 303-422-1262 or schedule through our PET PORTAL, to set up your appointment today!