We at WDVHW believe preventative care is the steps you take to keep your pet healthy and happy.  It is important to stay up to date with all preventative care, as it helps reduce large upfront costs of catastrophic (serious illness or injury) pet events.  There are many things that can be prevented through easy preventative measures.  In order to do so, we recommend the following yearly:

  •  Annual detailed physical exam
  • Labwork including: fecal, bloodwork, heartworm test, and FIV/FeLV test for cats
  • Routine dental cleanings for adult pets
  • Spay/Neuter for puppies and kittens
  • Flea, tick and heartworm preventative

We do offer several preventative care packages to help cover these costs for your pet.  You can pay for the plans in full, or opt to do monthly payments.  Please call our hospital to get your appointment scheduled today: 303-422-1262.